The Nokia Lumia 1020 reaches End of Life status on September 14th.

  • Mike Gonzalez

    i dont think many people care about that phone anymore

    • silver_arrow

      No other phone has a camera like it so people do care about that aspect of it. Hopefully this means there is a replacement coming.

    • jawash22

      I would if it were on mobile.

    • Petko Mironov

      huh Mike a lot of people care about that phone it have the best camera on the market today

  • Robbie J Jardine

    Hey I have that phone and it’s really good, but I am not sure it will hit end of life this September.

  • Isaac Abraham

    Hopefully the successor will be available carrier wide

  • Will S.

    If this is true, it will be a terrible move by Microsoft, especially after what happened to WP7.

    • mj

      a successor is coming. it will still get future updates after 8.1 duh!

  • lordofthewarcry

    What does “reach End of Life” mean? If all it means is that they won’t sell it anymore, then that seems perfectly reasonable. They probably have a replacement 40+ MP phone coming which hopefully doesn’t take nearly so long to process each shot. I’m quite sure the 1020 won’t stop being supported since there are still plenty of them under the normal 1 year manufacturer warranty.

    • vikeam

      Exactly! Wp 8 has up to 18 months of support, and 1020 will surely continue getting updates and support for another yr atleast..

  • headshot

    End of life is only for device not for software. all windows phone gets 18 months of updates. L1020 will not have any promotional events such like that.
    There is something big coming i guess

  • kev2684

    just after a year?

    • RDF

      yes, one year product cycle is normal. they stop manufacturing, not support.

  • patt

    Hah I never plan on buying Windows/Nokia phone.

  • kirillovsv

    Right! it’s time to admit that did not happen, all deceived, sorry really need the money.

    sorry for the translation (Google)