Motorola moto 360, 2014

  • erikiksaz

    Bring it, so excited!

  • Rolfi Polanco

    When is it coming??

  • Karthikeyan

    Only the dial looks good.

    • Uzair Ahmed

      The strap is replaceable, I heard.

  • pepporony

    The connection between the watch case and strap looks terrible..

    • jfrusciante

      Why? It don’t appear freaky, as a classic watch I think.

      • pepporony

        Not sure if I can explain this.

        The classic watch usually have this “fang” thing that use to house the strap right? (I think it called “lug end”)

        However, for 360, it just a round case then the strap came out of nowhere, it kinda look weird.

        It just a matter of different taste I think..

        • Casey Artner

          They explain this design decision in one of the videos. Apparently it makes for more comfortable fit when the band attaches to the center of the watch

    • joser116

      I like it better like that. It makes the design sleeker, simpler, and less bulky.

  • Shrink21

    Whats the news? I dont get it. Seen the real thing 1000 times on video.

    • vijay alapati


    • @evleaks

      The ‘news’ is that a lot of people are interested in this product. These are new renders. QED:

      • Jonathan Leack

        Oh man. I haven’t seen someone get that owned in such a long time.

        I’ve never even been to this site before and clicked the link.

        Shrink21 got headshotted.

        • Shrink21

          Uhm yeah. 44 likes in my comment. This definately is the worst day of my life…

          • @evleaks

            What comment?

          • Shrink21

            Highly professional!

          • 4Chan


      • Ramish Zafar

        Don’t leave man. What will we do without you.

  • jfrusciante

    I need to know the thickness, the release date and the price. I hope about 1 cm (not thicker than the G WATCH), this month and less than 300$.

    • Uzair Ahmed

      With this one having wireless charging capabilities, I doubt it will be thinner than G Watch.

      • NexusPhan

        Wireless charging coils are smaller than the hardware required for wired charging.

    • @brentwgraham

      Pictures I’ve seen comparing them show it to be about 1/5th thicker than the G watch. It also looks thicker because the G watch has the wrist strap attachment in the middle of the thickness while the Moto360 attached the wrist strap at the bottom surface, so more feels “exposed” above the strap.

  • Anfronie

    Find out what at it means to me!

  • IknowStuff

    Also these are renders. Nothing special especially when there are better ones on the freaking site.

  • Tiare A. Messina

    awesome. thanks! i am waiting so long for the release of moto 360! do you know when it will released?

  • raj

    How did you get this